2 Things About 2013: Timeflies' Cal Shapiro


Electro music duo Timeflies spent the past year touring and getting crowds addicted to dance-worthy, head-bobbing tracks like “Swoon” and “I Choose U.” Vocalist Cal Shapiro took a moment to look back at 2013 and share with us their favorite moments in live music.


What was your favorite show that YOU played this year? Tell us about it.

It’s really impossible to say. Madison Square Garden was legendary, it was an absolute dream come true and I had chills for an hour and a half straight being up on that stage. But there was something about Milwaukee… It’s hard to explain, but I could start with over 4,000 people being packed into a room that didn’t look like it could hold 3,500. The place was electric. Definitely one of my favorite shows ever.

What was your favorite show you SAW this year?

I had a day off in San Francisco and was able to catch a show from the up-and-coming group “MSMR.” Stylistically, they couldn’t be more different than us, but it was a really great performance. Gotta say. Really love the vibe. Great show!

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December 9, 2013
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