High Notes: The Struts - No Name Club, Los Angeles


“I’m going to apologize right now. We don’t want to be here.“

With a wry, devilish attitude, The Struts frontman Luke Spiller said what people in the room seemed to be thinking with crossed arms, stiff bodies and aloof energy.

"That’s alright,” Spiller continued, “we’ll still put on a show.” How did it go? Get the High Notes…

Anyone captivated by the in-your-face tradition through the eras of rock ‘n’ roll will find something to enjoy, appreciate and maybe even worship in the British quartet. 

No photos or video allowed in the bar, so here’s a YouTube LA clip posted earlier the same day:

Manage to rip your eyes away from Luke’s hypnotizing showmanship to give love to Jed (bass), Geth (drums) and Addo (guitar) and you’ll realize there are four impressive musicians/entertainers on stage.


The Struts perform in Philadelphia, PA | Photo: Bill McKay, WireImage

After two songs, Spiller noticed the empty space between the stage and the crowd and invited those hovering around some invisible force field to cross its threshold. “Come up, I’ll give. I’ll give,” he said.

And we took!

By the fourth song, a raucous cover of Bowie’s “Rebel Rebel,” the room was uninhibited, singing and begging for more by the end of the evening.

Stray observations?

What’s the ONE thing people need to know about The Struts’ live show?
Shoved in the corner of an invite-only LA bar, The Struts weren’t playing to the small room. They played to an arena, an amphitheatre, the mainstage at Glastonbury. See them, and for a moment, you’ll believe you’re there too.