Hot Shots: OneRepublic

OneRepublic is set for a sizzling summer tour!... Read More


Hot Shots: KROQ Weenie Roast

This year’s KROQ Weenie Roast epitomized dance. Even alt-rock star Beck, who launched on the 90s scene with massive hits like “Loser” said “This is all wrong. I’m just looking at all these people here right now. I see these people are waiting to dance. Am I wrong or am I... Read More


American Authors Live and GLEE-ful

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SXSW Megapost!

Austin’s SXSW is officially a wrap! Miss it? We’ve done a little reconnaissance for ya.... Read More


Tour Update: SXSW! Aloe Blacc, American Authors Wrap 1st Night of LN Showcase

Aloe Blacc, American Authors, Arkells, Echosmith, Sleeper Agent and The Strypes played the mophie Hangar for Live Nation’s SXSW showcase. Watch Live Nation music editor, Breesays, with the latest update!... Read More